World Wide Student Laboratory

DiscoverLab Mission

      DiscoverLab provides an Internet-based service for the science and engineering education community through which students anywhere can access, control, and gather new data from laboratory experimental setups at remote locations.

      DiscoverLab will provide over 500 advanced student lab setups through 100 Topical Group Web Centers within 5 years, beginning in 2004, with a milestone of 240 setups through 80 Topical Group Web Centers within 3 years.

      DiscoverLab will significantly improve global access to advanced laboratory science education and enrich the personal research experience of each student by providing a reliable infrastructure and the educational tools and resources necessary for top-level scientific research.

Value Proposition
  • DiscoverLab offers a fundamentally new framework in education technology;

  • DiscoverLab's WWSL Project fits into Federal programs involving the development of education technology (e.g., NSF Education Programs, DOE Science Education and National Collaboratory Programs, NASA Education Program, NIST Adaptive Learning Systems, and DOD University Access Online);

  • DiscoverLab integrates real time experimentation into the learning experience;

  • DiscoverLab benefits economically those educational institutions that provide the equipment and facilities necessary to fulfill remote experiments;

  • DiscoverLab benefits those educational institutions that do not have budgets or facilities to conduct lab experiments critical to their curriculum by providing access to such experiments using WWSL;

  • DiscoverLab provides an additional market for participating companies;

  • DiscoverLab is prepared to integrate over 35 educational institutions around the world that are currently developing remote-access labs and are technologically ready to be incorporated into the WWSL infrastructure.